Nerd Street Gamers welcomes former Esports Stadium Arlington President, Jonathon Oudthone as Director, National Programming

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December 11, 2020 – Nerd Street Gamers, the national network of esports facilities and events dedicated to powering competitive opportunities for gamers, is proud to welcome Jonathon Oudthone as the Director of National Programming. Jonathon joins the Nerds after leading Esports Stadium Arlington (ESA) as President for two years.

Esports Stadium Arlington was a venue partner with Nerd Street for over a year hosting a variety of events including the renowned Esports Awards and competitive tournaments. With Jonathon at the helm of the esports industry, NSG looked to bring him onboard via an acquisition. When the acquisition fell through because of ownership restructuring at ESA, Nerd Street brought Jonathon on immediately in a full-time position.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jonathon in various capacities for almost three years now and have wanted him on our team since day one,” said Nerd Street Gamers CEO and Founder John Fazio. “Jonathon is a pioneer that built the most innovative and successful esports property our industry has seen.” 

As Director of National Programming, Jonathon is responsible for the booking, growth and development of live events nationally for Nerd Street Gamers. He will utilize his expertise to lead the establishment of new revenue generating opportunities through the creation of original programming and booking third party events.

Jonathon brings over 11 years of experience in esports to his new position at Nerd Street Gamers. Prior to his time at Esports Stadium Arlington, Jonathon founded NGAGE Esports, an ecosystem that provided an atmosphere for creation, activations, entertainment and competition for not just the players, but all the interdependent aspects that make up the industry.

“12 years ago I first rolled up my sleeves in esports and set a vision for what my purpose in this community would be. That vision was to build a foundation for growth in the competitive gaming ecosystem.’’ said Jonathon Oudthone. ‘’Since then I’ve created many opportunities in this space, including the likes of designing and operating North America’s largest dedicated esports facility, Esports Stadium Arlington, and have prioritized relationships with many like minded partners. NSG shares the same vision that I set for myself many years ago and I’m honored to have the opportunity to play a key part in supporting their goals of providing accessibility through the development of esports venues all across the world.”

About Nerd Street Gamers

Nerd Street Gamers is a national network of esports facilities and events dedicated to powering competitive opportunities for gamers. The company promotes greater access to the esports industry, laying a national framework for esports talent development and high-quality gaming tournaments. NSG has received backing from Five Below, Comcast, SeventySix Capital, Elevate Ventures, and angel investor George Miller.

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